Patrick Albers, Profile photo

Patrick K. Albers

PhD (DPhil) student @ University of Oxford

Patrick studies Genomic Medicine and Statistics at the University of Oxford, at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, where he currently is in his final year of studies. Supervised by Gil McVean and Mark McCarthy, his focus is on statistical genetics  with interest for applications in medical genetics and complex disease. In his current work, he develops novel methods to better understand low-frequency genetic variation, and how rare variants influence the architecture of complex disease. Previously, Patrick studied MSc Evolutionary Biology at LMU Munich (Germany), Harvard University (United States), UM2 Montpellier (France), and Uppsala University (Sweden). Before that, he did his BSc in Marine Biology at James Cook University (Australia) and University of Tuebingen (Germany).

Besides his research, Patrick recently co-founded a BioTech company working in the microbiome field: BioMe Oxford, where he acts as the chief technology officer.